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Getting Started with React Magma

Install the React Magma component library, and start using Cengage-themed, accessible components in your application.

For more information, including information on contributing to React Magma and running the project locally, visit the Github Repo.


Setup Requirements

  1. Your project needs to be running React v16.5 or greater
  2. Icons must be installed as a peer dependency

Install the Component Library

Install the React Magma Component library with npm.

npm install --save react-magma-dom

Install peer dependencies

npm install --save \
"@emotion/core@10.0.35" \
"@emotion/styled@10.0.27" \
"date-fns@2.16.0" \
"downshift@5.4.7" \
"framer-motion@^4.1.11" \
"react@16.13.1" \
"react-dom@16.13.1" \
"react-magma-icons@1.0.2" \

Icons Only

The Icon library is not dependent on react-magma being used. react-magma-icons can be used independently by installing the package as a dependency in your project.

npm install --save react-magma-icons

Known Issues

  1. Legacy context API has been detected within a strict-mode tree -
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